I'm an organizer, how do I access admin functions?

20Skaters is designed around making the organizer's life easier. Every area of the website has extra functions added for organizers - there is no dedicated admin area or special login necessary.

Lineup management

Access your lineup(s) by accessing your account menu at the top right of any screen on the site, like this:

This will take you to the lineup management tool.  From there you can:

  • move players around (designate someone as a full-timer or a "sub")
  • mark your goalies
  • invite more players to your lineup (for this, you just need a list of email addresses)


Game management

Your lineup management screen includes a link to display a list of upcoming games:

From the upcoming games list you can view game details, go to the "Behind the scenes" page or request that a game be canceled out of our system.

"Behind the Scenes" Game Page

Go behind the scenes for any of your games, either by clicking the "Manage" button on your list of upcoming games, or navigate there directly from your game page.  On this page you can view the vital numbers about your game and can see all the details you might need to know if there's something that needs your attention.

Use this page to:

  • Send an extra email to all your players for the game (but don't worry, we're taking care of the regularly scheduled invites and game day reminders for you)
  • Check on who has been invited already
  • Find out who has responded and who has not
  • Get details about any payments you have received for the game
  • "Manually" put a person in the game or take them out (for rare, special circumstances)
  • Add "Mystery Skaters" or "Mystery Goalies"
    • If you have a person coming to the game and they are not in the system, you can manually add an unnamed player to hold that spot
    • Use this to make sure we don't overfill your game

Any other questions?

We're here to help, just send an email to support@20skaters.com

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