Why don't I see any games in my dashboard?

There could be a few reasons. The simplest is that you may not have been invited to any games yet. The majority of our games are effectively private weekly pickup hockey games. You do need to be invited and added into a lineup by the organizer of that game.

If you feel that you were invited by an organizer and should be invited to games then it's likely a case of digital mistaken identity.

If an organizer invited you with an email address that's not associated with your 20Skaters account then we won't know that you were the person they invited. They may have put your work email in but you signed up with your personal email or they may have simply misspelled your email address.

The simplest solution here is to contact your organizer and let them know the email address that you created your account with. Ask that they invite you using that email address. We will immediately spot that you have an account and you will be in their lineup.

If that doesn't work, please let us know and we'll investigate further.

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