I invited a player, they registered but still don't see my games

If you have a player you've invited and they've created their account with us yet still don't seem to see games, this is typically just an email address issue and there's a simple fix. Find out the exact email they registered with and invite that email address and you're good.

If you're curious for more details, read on.....

The primary means we have to uniquely identifying a player, including an invited player, is their email address.

If you've invited a player using one email, let's say wayne@20skaters.com, but they prefer to use their work email so they created their account with wayneG@oilers.com, then we won't know they are meant to be in your lineup.

There is one exception, if they created their account by clicking on the magical link we put into their invite email then we're likely all good because we know who they are regardless of what email they use. If they didn't then we're not sure if this is the Wayne we're after.

Another way this can happen is simple misspelling. You invited wanye@20skaters.com so again, we don't connect this with the newly created account by wayne@20skaters.com.

In all scenarios, there is a simple fix for this. First, ignore the previous invite you sent that's in our system as it's harmless. Just confirm with your player what exact email address they used in creating their account and then invite that email into your lineup. Done!

We search in our user base for that email address. We find the account they created and add that user into your lineup.

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