Where is the money for spares that we've collected?

For those new organizers, technically we have almost zero involvement in actually collecting the money for your sub fees.

When you started, we asked you to register or connect a Stripe account to us. That's because Stripe is our payment processing partner. They handle all the security, technology etc required for all our payment processing. We literally never see any data related to credit cards, banks etc. That's to protect you, your players and us from mishandling anyone's banking data.

For you, and your hockey players, it appears to them that we are doing all of that work including asking us to 'remember their credit card number' but that's all Stripe built into our application.

If you're curious when the collected money is deposited into your actual bank account, that's decided by Stripe's payout schedule. It seems like your very first payout will take 7 days, after that your schedule will be somewhere between 3 and 5 days, as they pay these out in batches. You do not receive a payout for every single sub fee.

Stripe's dashboard is amazing and they track tons of data for you! If you're curious about other details, I'd encourage you to login to your Stripe dashboard and have a look around. Click on Balance > Payouts to get straight to learning when those will hit your bank account.

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