Why Am I Declined For Games Immediately?

If you find that you are receiving your invite to games but before you can even respond, it seems that someone logged in and declined on your behalf, read on....

We designed our platform to make it really simple for you to accept and decline games from any device. To achieve that, each game invite we send you has unique links just for you and just for that specific game. When you click those links, we know who you are and which game you're indicating your attendance for. You do NOT even have to be logged in to our application.

For security reasons, if you are NOT logged in, we also send you an email letting you know that you took this action without being logged in.

In the time since we built this magical system, some of the email virus checkers have become more aggressive. Some of these systems will now actually test the links contained within your emails. When they do this with your decline link, we register this as you actually declining that game.

Today, this impacts a small minority of our users. We may need to eventually alter our base system to address this but doing so obviously impacts everyone.

The good news is that these declines are not a big deal. The only possible downside is that your organizer may think you're not coming but you still have your usual time window to grab your spot in that game.


You could try speaking with your IT dept about turning off this link checking but typically they are unable to make these changes. The simplest fix is to setup a personal email account on a public email service and then update your account to use that email address. These virus checkers only exist with larger corporate email servers.

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